Delight a child in need by buying something new, And feel a burst of joy light up within you.

For many young orphans and children from disadvantaged homes, what we simply take for granted is beyond their reach.
  • A warm and nutritious meal? Wishful thinking.
  • Matching shoes and outfit? A dream.
  • A new wardrobe? A fantasy.
Bayis Lepleitos steps in to provide them with a warm home, schooling, daily meals, clothing and care - all free of charge.

You can help these children by filling a virtual cart, allowing us to buy them the basic necessities they need.

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What services do we provide?

Beis Lepleitos provides a warm place to call home, with hot nutritious meals being served, full clothing outfitting, schooling and education, and parental figures to hold their hands and guide them through life to healing, hope, and eventually to a career and marriage.

What else other than meeting their basic needs?

We treat our children to after-school social activities and classes, as well as home skills workshops and career training to fully set them up for future success.

What about psychological health and care?

We take care of our children by providing the highest standards of medical and mental heath care available, restoring them and building them for a brighter tomorrow.

Who do we provide services to?

Our children (both boys and girls) come from a wide range of backgrounds; whether orphans or products of broken homes, victims of abuse or neglect, we all connect as one big beautiful family unit.

For what ages are services provided?

Our children range in age from the sweetest little toddlers to the young adults we help marry off. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, engagement and wedding celebrations are all on us, as their caring family and friends.

Where do we get funding from?

Good question. The biggest bulk comes from generous donors with heart - people just like you - who get joy from cheering up a child in need. Try it and you'll feel it too.

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